Ariane Anderson

I am Owner of Ariane Anderson Photography and Design providing Professional Photography, Event Management, Wedding Planning, Freelance Writing and Creative Design Services located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Senior Model Program

Ariane Anderson Photography is pleased to announce a brand new Senior Model Program!  

We are currently looking for 2012 High School Seniors in the Tri-County area (Yarmouth, Meteghan, Clare, Weymouth and Digby) to participate in this awesome new program!

This program will include two separate professional photo sessions.  One indoors (in-studio) and one more creative, outdoor and fun.  We like to think of it as one photo session dedicated to your parents and grandparents, then one for you to have fun :)

Once your first photo session is complete, you will receive some custom designed “Model Cards” with your photo on it and some information for your friends.  You would give your “Model Cards” out to all your friends and family.  Every photo shoot booked and completed though your card will earn you $$$!  

If this sounds like a program you are interested in, please contact me for an application form!  We will be hosting our “Casting Call” very soon!

Contact Ariane at or by calling 769-2039.


New Facebook Page - Ariane Anderson Photography

Due to the fact that certain aspects of my business are getting busier, I will be splitting my Photography from my Event Planning, Decorating and Rentals Facebook Page… For my Photography Services, please visit my new facebook page -

Photo Booth for Weddings and Events

Looking for something fun and different to add to your wedding or event?? Why not try a Photo Booth? Photo Booth Sessions include a photographer, backdrop, professional lighting and super fun props! Starting at $300! Contact me for more details!


Photo of the Day - January 19th, 2011

I’ve teamed up with Lucienne Doucette from Belle’s Barrettes to offer my clients awesome props for family and baby photo shoots!

Check out her Facebook Group for her product line!


Photo of the Day - January 18th, 2011


Day 10 - Photo of the Day - Candle


Day 6 - Photo of the Day - Sunset in Clare

One of the reasons I love about living in Nova Scotia are the sunsets.  Every evening is like a different work of art outside my window.


Photo of the Day - Day 3

I know it’s a bit Summery of a theme to be posting in the middle of Winter, but I love my “Nautical” theme, I found this shell along Mavillette Beach (one of my favorite beaches in Nova Scotia)…


Photo of the Day - Day 2 - Self Help

It’s ok to read “Self Help” books, as long as the topic is actually going to help your personal growth…